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One of the primary functions of this project is to provide resources for outdoor enthusiasts to explore the natural beauty of Albania. Our map holdings consist primarily of topographic maps and are categorized by publication data. Each of these collections can be browsed and their contents downloaded through the map library.


Albania GeoPolitical GPS Basemap

Map of AlbaniaThe GPS Basemap was developed to serve as a basis for the project to collect trail data and is intended for Garmin GPS units. Currently, the map contains a road network, hydrology data, village level settlement data, administrative boundaries, and contour lines. The basemap was last updated in June 2009 and is distributed in the Microsoft Installer format (MSI). The basemap requires Garmin MapSource.

Basemap Download (41.95 MB) | More Information

1:50,000 Soviet Topographic Collection

This collection has complete coverage of Albania, and the resolution of the data is nearly 4 times that of the U.C. Berkeley collection. The topography and hydrology data contained in these maps are excellent, however, much of the other data (roads and infrastructure) are rather dated, and should not be used exclusively without verification.

Browse Collection | Download Complete Collection (1.22 GB)

1:50,000 Soviet Topographic Collection (UCB)

U.C. Berkeley no longer provides on-line access to this collection. Though these maps are nearly identical to those found in the other 1:50,000 collection, each was obtained from a different source. These images are complete scans of the maps, containing publication details in the peripheral areas of the maps. Unfortunately, the overall image resolution of this collection is much lower than that of the other 1:50,000 collection.

Browse Collection | Download Complete Collection (211.04 MB)

1:100,000 Soviet Topographic Collection

Though similar to the 1:50,000 Soviet Topography Collection, this collection is useful because it provides a broader perspective. Both the topography and hydrology data are generally accurate, though hydroelectric works constructed since publication of this series may have altered some water bodies. Again, the age of these maps make much of the infrastructure data contained in them useless.

Browse Collection | Download Complete Collection (138.21 MB)



The Map Library was developed by the Bunker Trails project to facilitate access to our digital holdings. This innovative application uses the Google Maps API to provide a frame of reference for users to find the maps they seek. The area covered by each digital map is represented by a clickable translucent polygon. Once selected, a preview image is downloaded, and users can choose to either download the raster image directly, or add the item to a download cart. The cart contents can then be delivered to the user as a compressed ZIP archive.

Technical Specifications

This web-based application utilizes client-side scripting (Javascript) to seemlessly deliver content to the web browser. As a result, Javascript support must be enabled in the browser. The following browsers have been tested for compatibility:

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