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Bunker Trails

The Bunker Trails website is designed to equip interested hikers, backpackers, and all other adventure-seekers with a collection of detailed maps, accurate topographical information, and potential trails in Albania. This site provides several types of free, downloadable maps, general information about trekking in Albania, and a general forum to share tips, questions, and experiences. Enjoy!


Map Library

Maps IconThe map library contains various types of maps of Albania that are formatted for easy downloading and printing. There are Soviet produced Albanian topographic maps of the entire country, maps of several of Albania's national parks, maps of major Albanian cities, and detailed GIS data sets.

GPS Basemap

The recently updated Albania GeoPolitical GPS Basemap (June 2009) can be loaded onto Garmin GPS devices. It contains lakes, rivers, streams, roads, cities, villages, municipality and other geopolitical data as well as comprehensive elevation data.


Trail Catalogue

Maps IconThe database of hiking trails contains GPS tracks of several potential hikes throughout Albania. The tracks include markers for trailheads, campsites, and water sources. There are also step-by-step descriptions of each hike and tips for getting to and from the trail.

Points of Interest

This section contains a list and brief descriptions of several points of historical, religious, and cultural interest around the country.


Collaborative Efforts

Maps IconLearn about current efforts to merge various resources into a comprehensive database of information. Find out how to help.

Mailing List

Periodically, e-mails containing information about trail updates and other relevant information are sent out. If you are interested in receiving these e-mails, please add your address using the form below.

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